Is it possible to block individual users from browsing specific web sites?
Infinity Shield can prevent individual users, either based on user login or their workstation, from accessing websites. The blocking can be set for specific days of the week as well as time based.

What access rights does the administrator have compared to a guest login?
An administrator has full access to all features available on the Infinity Shield User Interface, multiple logins can be created. The guest login only allows you to view the usage reports, and can be set so only specific users/departments reports are visible.

Can you create a specific “Cap” / traffic quota (limited traffic usage) on individual workstations or users?
Capping can be implemented per user and workstation and is set to daily, weekly or monthly. The Cap takes all internet traffic into account and exceptions can be set for certain web sites.

Once the “Cap” / traffic quota is reached, how is the workstation or user restricted?
If a users/workstation reaches 75% of their allocated Cap an administrator can be notified via email, when the cap is reached a customizable set of firewall rules are applied to the user/workstation. This customizable rule-set allows for the whitelisting of certain protocols or services, eg mail, voip.

Can you disable the DHCP server on Infinity Shield?
Yes, the DHCP server can be enabled or disabled, by default the DHCP server is disabled.

Instead of paying monthly, can I make a once off payment?
Customers can either purchase the hardware outright or rent it monthly. There is also a mandatory monthly charge for support and updates, arrangements can be made to pay annually for this fee.

How many Internet connections can Infinity Shield manage?
You can configure up to 5 connections, 3 via the Ethernet ports and 2 via USB ports. Traffic splitting and protocol routing is possible over the various connections.

What types of usage reports are available?
Various reports on users browsing history, email usage and network traffic can be generated off the Infinity Shield web interface. Selected reports can also be emailed to selected people, allowing network administrators to be more proactive.

How long are the individual usage reports available on Infinity Shield?
Browsing history for all users is available on Infinity Shield for 3 months, email usage can be viewed for up to 12 months.

Who is responsible for installing Infinity Shield? Can I use my own hardware?
Infinity Shield can be installed by an accredited reseller. Please contact us for an accredited reseller that can assist. Alternatively the product can be installed by a network administrator, experience in networking and routing is highly recommended. Infinity Shield is pre-installed on hardware specifically supplied for the Lite and Pro version, a separate hardware device is supplied for the Enterprise edition.

Can different logins into the Infinity Shield UI be created for certain employees?
Yes, there are 2 logins types – Administrator (full access rights) and Guest (reports only). These logins can be associated to specific user groups if required, thereby limiting the workstations that can be viewed.

What type of antivirus does Infinity Shield offer?
Infinity Shield uses ClamAV, antivirus for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats. All web traffic to workstations is scanned.